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Date: Jan 1, 1998
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From Elizabeth

I do not agree with your superhero being albino. I have a four year old beautiful sister with albinism (the condition in which albinos have). What kind of world is this anyways? Do people have to make fun of other ppl to feel better about themselves or something? And even if your not making fun of it your encouraging the idea that albinos are weird villians or something. I find this very offensive and do not like it at all.


I'm sorry, but I fail to see what the issue is here. I should add that I don't write the stories, I'm just a comics fan who runs a page. But... if I did write the stories, then I wouldn't have any difficulty with them. I can't see anyone making Fun of Tombstone because he's white, or even if they did, I don't see that there is any suggestion that making fun of Albinos is a good thing to do.

Now, suggesting that Albino's are weird villains is another issue. Personally, I can't see that there is any suggestion that being Albino turns you into a villain. There seems to be correlation, but the suggestion of cause and effect is not clear to me.

What about all these villains who are black - do they offend you? What about the fact that most villains are male? That offends me, as a man, the suggestion that men are villains. Of the female ones? I have a female sister too, and the suggestions that women are villains is quite an insult! I think you're being sensitive over a coincidence. Now, if every villain in Marvel comics was an Albino, that would be rude - similarly if they were black, white, male, female, Latino, Jewish, etc, etc. But they're not. The villains, and the heroes, are a very carefully chosen mix of backgrounds.

I don't see anyone suggesting that your sister is anything but beautiful, and completely non-villainous. My young daughter on the other hand, is blond, of angelic appearance, and is a unrepentant terrorist in many matters. There is no justice.

Who was this person talking about? If it's Tombstone, then I can see where the "role model" issue might come up; however, another albino is Domino of X-Factor, who would certainly be a strong female role for somebody (although, seeing as she carries weapons an' all, how *positive* a role model is would be something else...)

Just as a number of super-heroes and villains have been black, hispanic, or (gasp) female, a few have been albino. I would think acknowledgment that albinism exists would be a good thing.

From Russell Miller

Hello -

As long as you're asking for feedback, here's mine: I've been reading Spider-Man since 1974, but since the insultingly stupid clone storyline, I've stopped reading - bringing the clone back was the dumbest thing the "writers" at Marvel could have done. I've heard Marvel has fallen on hard times. Good. They deserve it.

I would also like to add that the best Spider-Man comics were written and drawn in the 70s, and that Ross Andru was the best artist (besides Ditko and Romita, obviously...) ever to work on the comic, hands down. The work he did for Amazing Spider-Man was absolutely brilliant. He's the most underrated comic book artist of all time.

If you have time, write me back and let me know if you agree.

I agree! But I'm not giving up hope that things are going to get better again.

From Chad

do you have any idea what time the animated series on on Saturday morning EST. I dont have a tv guide alright?!

Sorry, but I seem to be having trouble picking up U.S. transmissions right now. Don't know why, it's only 10,000km. Might have to get a new set of bunny-ears for my trusty old 14" B/W telly.

From Rezak

Clue me in ! Whats PPP and where do i get it?

P.S. Wheres M.J.?? Spider fans want to know.

Hey, you're looking at it!

And if I knew where M.J. really was, do you think I'd share that news with anyone?

From Maloney

Briefly describe the story of spider-man.


OK, there's this guy, ya see, who get's bitten by this spider... umm.. radio-active, right? And then he, well, he gets this costume from, somewhere, I guess he makes it himself, or buys it from some fancy dress place, and he's, like, really strong, and sticky, and stuff, and he goes out and beats up these bad guys...

*Buzzzz* TIMES UP!

Darn. Well, you get the idea, right?

From Dan


Well, let them go! The Cold War is over, ya know?

From Wolfgang

There was a DOS game version of Spider-Man on the market about 10 years ago. I have been searching the Web for a down-load of this game with aboslutely no success. Any tips that you may have in my quest would be much appreciated.

Dang! I used to have a copy of this, but misplaced it a few years back. If anyone knows where we can get a hold of this game, there would be thanks aplenty!

From Paul

I was searching the net and saw your page on All Access where Venom almost kills Spider-Man and Superman if Access hadn't arrived on time with the sonic gun. The reason The Hulk couldn't handle Superman and Venom could is because Venom could kick The Hulks behind and anybody else in any comic book. The only person that could put up a fight with Venom is Wolverine but he couldn't even do it. I ain't saying that Superman is a wuss because he is pretty tough, but he couldn't beat Venom. The only way Spider-Man ever beat Venom was with trickery, getting someone else like the Fantstic Four to help him, or that Sonic Gun. Spider-Man is tough too, but like I said, he couldn't beat Venom. Now if Superman and Spider-Man got in a fight, I don't know who would win. I just wanted to get things straight about your outlook on Venom.

Errr... Yeah, thanks!