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Date: Nov 1, 1997
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RE: Spiderman coloring pages for print

do you now where I can find some for my little boy, that I can print up that he can then color? Borngen@aol.com

Hey, I've seen these around at various bookstores, and supermarkets. Nothing on the 'net though.

From Cherie

Hi. I would love to become part of your team. Please send me anything and everything you have on Spider-Man. Pics and information would be appreciated. Thanks. Please send it to WeBShOoTeR@aol.com.

If there is anything you need in return just name it.

Thanks loads.


Cherie - a devoted Spider-Man fan

My some what facetious response was - "Do you really want me to mail you all 100Mb from the Spider-Man page?" - to which the response was...

send all info requested, to SpdrMnRulz@aol.com this is my daughter's e-mail address (formerly WeBShOoTeR)

thanks for responding

I, umm..., I haven't actually got around to e-mailing the contents yet, the $50 or so of online charges it would cost me have made me think twice...

From John S. Drew

I just wanted to thank you for the kind words about "Moving Day" in the Untold Tales of Spider-Man Anthology. This was the first piece of prose I've had published and I was concerned about the reaction. It's one thing to write something original and not have everybody like it or get it; it's another to write for such a well established character and hope you get it right.

Again, my thanks.

Happy holidays.

John S. Drew
New York City

Heck - you write a good story - you get a good review. Now that makes sense to me...! Sure is a buzz to get e-mail from the people whose work you (however clumsily) review. I'm just glad it's been from the people who wrote the stuff I liked - not the ones I trashed!

From Geoff Gunderson

RE: Resurrection of the Scarlet Spider

Everyone knows that the Green Goblin killed Ben Reilly. But what if he didn't really die? What if his remains were found by Dr. Stewart Trainer, who used his electronic mind to take over some special robotics research and development labratory and recreate for himself a robotic superbody, thereby allowing himself to take over one of the Jackles old labs and restore Ben Reilly to his former glory. Spider Man would be the only other person to know about this until Ben made his presence fully known to the rest of the world.

I wrote this sinerio because yo have to bring Ben back! He left alot of people behind when he died. (As well as alot of fans) Like the lady who ran the Daily Grind coffee shop, her son, the guy who always reads the newspaper and never watches T.V. (I think his names BUZZ?), or the blond and beautiful model he left behind. (I think her name was Deseri?) Not to mention the family he had (Peter Parker and Mary Jane).

I mean c'mon you guys have got to bring back Ben Reilly and the Scarlet Spider. I don't care if Dr. Octopus framed the Scarlet Spider for what he didn't do, you guys are the creators, create a story to get his 'hero' status renued. You can do it. (Of course, you're the ONLY ones who can do it) Right now the world needs heroes and the Scarlet Spider is one who needs to be brought back. I don't care if his life was taking the same shape as Parkers (it wasn't), he had a good job, people who cared about him, and serious girlfriend potential. (By the way, is Deseri psychic?)

You guys seem to be writing a lot of 'doom and gloom' stories in the Marvel Universe, most of them concerning Spider Mans frame-up by Norman Osborn, and it has to stop. It's getting hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys nowadays. The good old days of heroes having fun and being serious aren't gone, but you've stopped them from becoming. I know you guys are having problems with Chapter 11, but to let the heroes just vanish, to end their lives in darkness, isn't the way anyone wants them to go out. So c'mon, alot of people are depending on you. My names Geoff Gunderson, and I'm one of them!

Heck - he's right! Why the heck didn't I think of that. OK Geoff, starting next issue, we do it YOUR way. OK, maybe not next issue, because of the lead time to the printers, but at least the one after that.

Thank goodness there was somebody out there with some common sense. I guess just being so close to the whole thing, it was hard for me to take the broader view. Well, now it's all clear what has to be done. Scarlet Spider it is then!