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Date: Oct 1, 1997
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From Philip

Hey there.

I've been a huge Spiderman fan for years, but haven't read any of the comics. Is there somewhere I can go to read all of them, starting in 1965 with the first original episode? Please write back.

Well... First, you have to make a small life-style decision. Would you rather own a nice house and a BMW - or have a Spider-Man collection? Of course, if you have to think about the answer, then you're not truly a Spider-Man fan!

From Moon


I would like to be member!

Sure. By the powers invested in me... You're a member. Just a couple of details. First: what did you want to be a member of? Secondly: your membership fees are due - but I'll take a cheque!

From Marc

Do you know where I can find any ASCII art that contains our friendly neighborhood spider-man? If so please mail me the location, because there has got to be some somewhere.


From Kyrsten

Wanted to thank you for a great page! I wanted info on Felicia, the Black Cat, since I'm hoping to dress up like her for Halloween.

Your site was the primo for the pics of her, plus a lot of extra info!


...And a follow-up to that. Kyrsten actually sent me a photo of herself in the outfit. I'll be posting that on the page before too long. But before you get any ideas, guys - I should add that her boyfriend was Superman!

From gh67890

i want all

Don't we all, gh - don't we all?

From Rezak

Will there be any more episodes of spiderman the animated series?

Not as far as I know. Marvel Films produced 65 episodes, I believe. That managed to last four seasons on Fox. That's all that they currently have planned.

From Diana

hi... i am in search (perferrably 1-800) telephone number to either a live or recorded message of spiderman... or anything... i work with a special needs kid who cannot speak clearly but he had made it very clear :) that he wants to talk to spiderman... and being the softy i am i told him i would look into it.. unfortunately i have been unable to find one.. if know if one or can point me in the right direction of one.. or of a fan club i can help him join i'd appreciate it..


Well, I'm sorry - but I haven't heard of anything like this. But if anyone out there reading PPP has heard of anything that might do the job, then I'm sure they'll let me know about it - right?