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Date: Sep 1, 1997
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From Billy

The real problem with Spiderman these days is the real problem with Marvel: it's just too much. Find a character with an amazingly original history that people like, and chances are Marvel has made twenty similar things. In fact, they do it to incredibly silly extremes, just like a siphilitic hooker trying to double her weekly earnings. And like that hooker, Marvel has gone utterly insane.

Take Venom for example. Venom started out as one of the most original characters I've ever seen, and he had all the qualities that make a great villain: a legitimate motive for hating the hero, an equal if not better ability to do battle with that hero and a unique skill for attacking the hero at his most private and vulnerable level. The Kingpin is much the same way with Daredevil.

But Marvel took it too far. Adding Carnage was not so bad. He was similar but not the same, but then they whored the whole thing out. Every time I walk through the toy section of Walmart I see the utter incomprehensibility of the symbiote storyline. I remember the days when it was just an evil blob inside the Baxter Building, but now it's infected the Spiderverse with a bunch of ugly and uninspiring "villains" that get churned out like garbage pail kids.

At 22, I never thought I'd write this letter. Stuck in suburbia, Marvel comics were my only escape hatch. And now that escape hatch looks like it's pretty well welded shut. I hope that they can get back on their feet, and maybe put out a product that could help bored, braindead people keep their composure and their creativity.

Well, that's a bit more venomous than I might have put it, but you've hit a couple of nails on the head there. Me - I just pick and choose what I read. If Venom sucks (which it does, mostly) then don't read it. If Spider-Man stinks, then... OK, don't ever stop buying Spidey, that's an exception. But surely you see what I mean. Check out Deadpool, Thunderbolts, and similar titles.

Actually, I don't think Spidey has been to bad recently. Sure, Walmart might be full of Symbiotes, but that's another market. If Marvel keeps itself afloat by selling figures, while losing money on comics - that's no skin off my nose.

Fortunately, neither Venom nor Carnage has been making too many recent appearances in Spider-Man - although I read somewhere that Carnage might be making an appearance soon. Heck, maybe he's just passing through.

From Doug

Are you stupid bring gwen stacy back give it a rest idiot

No. Can't. Won't.

From PunisherTF

My friend and I have been debating over this for a while and we would like to know who you think the best spider man would be. If you know who the real spider man is going to be atleast give us a clue. I think the best spider man would be Billy Zane, he did a great job as the Phantom. My other spider man idea is real out-of-the-ordinary. They can make spider man an action film starring Bruce Willis. Instead of a nice bright movie of spider man it should be dark and gothic. I don't think that Steven Spielberg is going to make the movie dark and gothic because he doesn't have much dark and gothic movies. Well, to get on with it they should make the film like spawn. Instead of just using martial arts spider man should combine guns with mortal kombat. If the movie is like this it would fit a role for Bruce Willis. It is time for a change in super hero movies. Don't you think?Please e-mail me back. Also tell me about batman 5, if you know anything about it.

Woah! While you pause for breath, let me just say that according to other sources, Jason Patrick has been given the part. Spielburg is, for better or worse, nowhere near the project as far as I know. As for another mass production Batman flick. Lord save us!