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Date: Aug 1, 1997
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From Chris

Hello, I'm setting up my personal homepage, and would like your permission to put a link to your Spider-Man page in my links section, since I do read your page a great deal. Thanks.

For sure! Actually, I get asked this quite a bit. Netiquette generally says that you don't have to ask anyone's permission to link to their site.

There's a bit of a legal battle going on in the States, I hear, where someone objected to being linked to... but the current opinion is that it is like asking permission before talking about someone - it might be polite in certain circumstances, but nobody really expects it!

From Gina

Hey i know that u live in New Zealand, are u by any chance a big fan of the tv show Xena that is filmed there?

You bet! Lucy Lawless is a major babe. Great to see a New Zealand actress getting some appearance in Spidey comics - I've counted two references to Xena in recent titles.

From Bjorn

I've been trying to get an answer to this question for I don't know how long. Most people I talk to doesn't even know what I mean. What is the question, you ask? Well, do you remember back in the early seventies, that marvel produced these medallion coins, featuring Spider-man, Hulk and Conan? They were announced in the comics as "unique collectors' items" since every coin had its own registered serial number.

The thing I don't know is: HOW MANY WERE MADE OF EACH, AND HOW MUCH ARE THEY WORTH TODAY? If you don't know the answer, maybe you know someone who do. I won't get any rest until I find out!

Well... it seems like Bjorn is in for a few sleepless nights. I recall seeing the advertisements, but I don't know how many were made, or what they might be worth. Does anyone out there have any idea?

From The Heart

While most of the letters I get are about Spider-Man, some of them are really about something else. Sometimes, the e-mail I receive is more about real people than about a fictional guy in a costume.

I get mail from people whose visit to the page takes them back to their childhood, from fathers who want to share their memories of Spider-Man with their children, and sometimes I get e-mail from people to whom Spider-Man is a key to sadness as well as joy. Some letters make me smile, others laugh - and sometimes two sentences from a stranger can make me cry tears.

I don't ever want to forget that, however important Spider-Man may be to me - he's just a comic book character. The real people I know, and those I just meet in passing, mean more to me than any stack of newsprint and ink ever could.