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Date: Jun 1, 1997
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Dear "idiot savant",

You have forgotten the Owl! This is one if Spider-Man's greatest opponent ever because he is a simple villian without too much backround c**p. Make sure to include him next time, you worthless bag of ex******ns.

by, The mad bomber what bombs at midnight.

Well... I had to censor that little outburst. Still, I guess everyone has an opinion to voice!

From Spain

I introduce me:

I'm a Spidey Fan.
I'm Spanish.
I'm a international trader of frozen fish products.
I'm a an usual reader of your page.
I have a copy of almost all resources of your web site for my personal off-line comic archives.
I had adapted your framed way.
Why do you change?
I like the framed way, but the new graphics are greats.
I have readed Spidey comics during almost 20 years.
I have a big collection but almost all of them are spanish edition.
I'm charming with the return of the one and only PETER PARKER.
I did boycot to the series during Ben period, but when finish in USA I can buy a lot of them.
The only urgent change that I propose is that Peter needs a NEW GIRL (like a lover or new girlfriend) and MJ disturbs for it.

Thanks for your time and your works.

PD:I like very much Jeanne Burch's collaborations. I am an adict to her web pages too.

There ya go, they're reading Spidey in Spain! Actually, Spain, Italy, Brazil, all over the place - but you knew that.