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Date: May 1, 1997
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From Paul De Silvey

Hello spidey,

How do you make those web shooting things.

Sorry, but I'm afraid that information isn't freely availably. As you know, I have attempted on a couple of occasions to sell the plans and chemical formulas required to create a working web-shooter, and I am currently in discussion with a division of NASA which is particularly interested. One requirement is that I not pass on the details to any other party.

However I did see a pretty cool toy version at Toys'R'Us.

From Peter de Vito

On your movie page, near the bottom you have my name - well almost. My name is Peter DeVito. And what I thought was interesting was that in a search your page showed up. "Peter was DeVito" Neat isn't it? Don't know if this pertained to anything, just thought I would drop a note. Oh, I'm not related to Danny in any way.


Hey, you think that's cool? I typed my name into a spell-checker and it came back with "Juniper Cous-Cous"... Mmmmm... Tasty!