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Date: Apr 1, 1997
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From Jason

One thing to say: GREAT PAGE!!! I love it!

One question: I heard that there was a nude picture hidden on your site! Is it true, because it sounds like a cool game. I looked all over and couldn't find it anywhere! Thanks.

Well, I would have thought rather it transparant, of course there is! There's a full nude picture of Reed Richard's wife Susan on one of the pages in the archives. First person to correctly identify the particular page wins a prize.

Umm... of course, Fantastic Four fans might be able to, um, "See Through" this one.

From TGrommit

I've always been interested in Spider-Man comics but don't have the time nor the inclination to find all of them in the magazine stores. What I'm really interested in is the Maximum Carnage series. I've heard of the stories and love them. Venom intrigues me, as does Carnage. I also think the Venom: On Trial sounds pretty cool. What can I do to start to get ahold of some of these comic books? I've alsways loved Spider-Man but don't know where to start. Any suggestions?

Max Carnage was, in my humble opinion, one of the most inane stories in a long time. If you want to see Venom and Carnage at their best, you should check out the early Venom stuff by McFarlane, and the Amazing #361-#363 original Carnage stuff. The recent Carnage one-shots are alright too, although rather violent. You can buy Venom stories at your local comic shop, or from places like 1,000,000 comics which advertise in current issues and do mail order.

Or... if you really want to read some of the good stories, then just check out a few local comic stores till you find one which has a decent back issue selection, and buy some historical issues. Just grab stuff at random until it starts to make sense. Buy cheap, unless there's a specific story you want to read. Sure, there are some 'must have' issues which will cost big bucks, but for a general feel just buy what's good value until you get a better idea of what you like.

Truly, you'll come across much finer stories than Maximum Carnage.

From Armando

Do you know if the original Doc Ock might be coming back from the dead? I really miss a classic super villian like Doc Ock.

Well... Let's see - Electro is back, Scorpion returned, after both retired from crime after nervous collapse. Green Goblin is back, and he had a glider through the chest. Kraven seems to be back, and he blew his own head off. I'd say Uncle Ben was next to make a re-appearance, followed shortly by Doc Ock.