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Date: Mar 1, 1997
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From Ralph

  1. Will Peter Parker reveal his identity to S.H.O.C.?
  2. Will Spider-man be a target of Baston's anti-mutant crusade even though he isn't a mutant? Spidey often gets mistaken for one and sometimes faces the same prejudice from at least half the city.
  3. If Peter ever gets his daughter back, then how can he be a father if his schedule is so busy?
  4. Does Joe Robertson know Spidey's identity? If he does then what will he do about it?
  5. Will Peter have any more adventures with Nate Grey?

1-5. I don't write Spider-man(yet), and am thus unable to answer your questions with anything reasonable. You might try writing the actual comic, where they will be only too happy to ask you to continue reading, yet tell you nothing. Actually, I do recall that there is another Nate Grey story coming up.

From Brad

but im a big fan of spidey to and ive been searching endlessly for a good spidey screen saver.one maybe were he climbing around on the screen or something.ive heard there is such a screen saver out there but smack me in the butt i cant find one.if u can can help it will be greatly appreciated.


the butt. If I here about one, I'll mail ya, 'kay?

From Mysterio

I don't know about you and the other fans, but I'm a little frustrated with recent Spider-Man comics. All of his greatest enemies are gone. Venom, Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, Shocker, Mysterio, and Carnage have not recently appeared to do battle with Spidey, except for the mini series "Hobgoblin Lives" which was confusing. So here are my questions.

  1. Will Venom ever become Spidey's enemy again?
  2. How long will Hydra be around?
  3. When will Carnage, Mysteriio, Shocker, Green Goblin, or Hobgoblin ever strike again?
  4. Why did they turn the Chameleon into a wimp? Mary Jane beat him up in the last Spectacular S-Man issue

Once again, I find myself unqualified to answer your questions. So here goes:

  1. Yes.
  2. Forever and a day. Popularity, you know.
  3. Green Goblin is coming up in Untold Tales 25(the final issue), and I think he is going to appear in one of the core titles as well. Hobby is in prison, and I've seen enough of the other three to last me for a while.
  4. Simple: they didn't. They turned Mary Jane into the super-powered heroine she was always meant to be. In other words, I don't have the foggiest idea...