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Date: Feb 1, 1997
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From Daniele

Hi, my name's Daniele from Italy.

In the Spider-man reviews, the review of "Fables of the reconstruction" (Spiderman Unlimited #12) has been omitted.

Dang! Looks like you're right. I guess it got lost in the aftermath of the Blood Brothers storyline. Still, that whole phony skeleton thing was a real non-event anyhow. Probably best we just forget about the whole thing, huh?

From Mr Perrot of Italy

Hi there I want to congratulate you on your hard work the page is really something great, but I was wondering if you can write better reviews that cover in more detail the story.

for example, I can't get the Osborn Journal and it really would have helped me to read a review that covers it completly. Thanks for your efforts.

Actually, I kind of ask my reviewers not to cover the story in too much detail. The idea is that I want to give them a chance to tell people what they think of the story. If a reader has read the story then they know what happens, and if they haven't read it yet but will later, then it can avoid spoiling all the details.

But... If you haven't read it and aren't going to, then it isn't going to be much use I guess - sorry 'bout that, but that's the way it is. The History pages cover details because they're back issues, but reviews are likely to stay as opinion and discussion rather than recapitulation in detail.

From V. Santos

Can you please add a comic book price guide to your web site?

Nope. If I got the info, it would just be stolen from Wizard or Overstreet, and there's not much point in that! Nice thought though.

From V. Santos

I've got just a little question for you:

In the Mary Jane Image Gallery there's a photography of a real-flesh'n bone woman. Question is: Who's that girl?

Hah! I should have that on the FAQ. Well, she's a lovely red-head named Julia Hayes - and if you want to see more of here (and I mean more) then you could try a.b.p.e.r-h. But kids... Ask Your Parents First!