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Date: Nov 1, 1996
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I couldn't agree more with your assessment of Green Goblin 13. Like you, I thought that GG was a fun title and I enjoyed the entire run. I'd have to go as far as saying that issue 13 was my favorite issue of the entire series. I saw the Green Goblin as a variation of the the Spider-Man anti-hero theme and with the last issue we get a very realistic alternate take of the Peter Parker story.

I'm not a big fan of DeFalco's but I have to credit him with an effective story that really drew me in. I really felt bad for Phil in his unsuccessful bid to carry on as the Goblin despite no powers. Phil chooses the only realistic recourse and in doing so, chooses to grow up.

Again, I couldn't agree more with your assessment of Spider-Man Unlimited #14. One of the hardest things about collecting comics is the unnerving thought that comics are written down to its audience. While I thought the Game was completely mindless, "a repetitive sequence of staged battles ... for some millionaire's entertainment", I sometimes wonder if some 11 year old fan out there thinks it's the greatest story line to come down the pike.

Hey, someone who agrees with me! That, I like!

From Scott Miller

Dear sir or madom:

I visited this home page about a month ago and printed out directions for webbshotters. Could you please e-mail me the the measurements and names of the needed chemicals.

I'm sorry, but that information is not available to us. Our technical advisor, Dr Parker has kindly passed on the technical layout of the 'webshooters' which his friend Spider-Man provided him. It seems however that the formulation of the webbing material is not public knowledge.


Dr. Couper
Chief Scientist, Empire State University Research Group

From Corey

When is Mary Jane going to have the baby? When is Mangneto going to be a bad-guy again? What is Rouge's real name?

Well, you get days like this... *sigh*.