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Date: Sep 1, 1996
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From Jasper O

dear stan lee

I think that you are the best and i've bean colecting spider man comics sinse i was years old.I dont have any aughtographs so can you please i dont minde if you dont but can you please send me an aughtograph to [address...]



Well, I'm honoured - but you have the wrong guy. Stan's probably a little busy now, but you can write to him at the address shown here.

From FDJ

Hi! How you doing ?

I am a superb fans of cartoon, like women in swimsuit, sexy panty, and also women in spider-man style, I would also get more than 3 .gifs from you. Could you send some like a sexy hot panty gif ,I look forward to your reply !!!

Well, I went way out of my way to help this guy. My wife helped too, I put on my best G-string and my Spider-Man mask and we took half a dozen snaps. The guy at the camara place had a chuckle but he still developed them for me.

So, I scanned them in and sent him half a dozen GIFs... Oh... Hang on. Bother, did he say Women! No wonder he never wrote back to say thanks! Man do I feel silly now!