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Date: Aug 1, 1996
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From Chris Shepard

I work and run a comic store in Sacramento, CA and I'm sorry to say that the Clone Saga destroyed my sales of Spider Titles due to the fact that almost everyone of the fans that I sell to hated it some with a passion. I almost never trust wizard, because dispite everything Wizard is opinion, not fact like some people wish to believe. My top titles almost always oppose Wizard, expecially with Marvel Titles.

The Spider Titles are just now starting to return at my store, due to the common knowledge of the changing story line. Marvel has told me that they only get 12 to 15% of their profit from comic books, and that they could drop their comic line and still survive and thrive on their merchandising and such. Guess the low man on the totom pole has to get the shaft.

Whew. Well, why don't you make Chris's day and head into his store to buy a comic or two. See if you can find one which doesn't have clones in it somewhere. He runs Comic Bizarre in Rancho Cordova, CA - so what are you waiting for? Git!