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Date: Jul 1, 1996
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From Julius Cepeda

I just read your counter review of SMTU 3 and I couldn't agree with you more. I didn't buy this issue (nor did I buy issue #2). I learned my lesson after I purchased the first issue out of curiosity.

I find it unbelievable that Marvel publishes such dreck especially in light of the recent downsizing and restructuring. The Spider-Man editiorial team has been generally in the right direction and yet they come out with a mindless title like this one. This title is filler at best. For those who bought it, it's a complete waste of time and money.

What more can I say?

From Norihisa Iijima

Dear sirs,

My name is Norihisa Iijima, an editorial staff of ASCII DOS/V ISSUE magazine. We sell some 200000 copies per month, it is one of the most popular computer magazine in Japan.

We are planing an article on html-editor (homepage-building software) for our September issue that will be printed at July 29th. We are investigating what kind of software do homepage-owners actually use. For the completion of our article, could you answer the question as follows?

  1. When did you open your homepage ?
  2. Which software are you using to make your homepage?
  3. Why did you choose it? What is its advantage over the others?
  4. Which web-browser do you suppose (or support) when you make your homepage ?
  5. What is your tool for editing graphic images for your homepage?

We have to apologize that we need your answer before July 13th. If you reply us, we will ship you a gift ("Happy Massager"; a Japanese wooden handicraft for easing pain of muscles) so please do not forget to add your address. We look forward to your support. We also expect you will be continuously updating your exciting homepage.

So, who says there's no glamour or profit to be made in running a web page. What they didn't mention is that they included a coupon for a three hour visit from a Geisha Girl to demonstrate the correct use of the "Happy Massager"... Ahhh... Lovely... Just a little lower if you please, Akiko...

From Lester

Dear PPP,

I know this is kind of old stuff, but I just found this page and saw a disscussion of a comic I wanted to say somthing about for a long time. When I picked up Mindbomb and read it, at first I thought it was some kind of artistic statement that I understood. Then I decided It was just too darn scary and put it in a box and through it in a hole. Then I found it again and read it and that was when I realized:

"I just spent a lot of money on a comic that has no plot, no hero, no resolution, no action, brain-dead scripting, and just made me depressed."

In the end I gave it to a friend who has never been the same since.

Lester, who's gonna buy "Carnage: It's A Wonderful Life".