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Date: May 1, 1996
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I picked up a copy of image's 'cyberforce' and 'ripclaw', and the art is so good. the colours are crisp and computer graded on every muscle in immense detail, and the actual art is faultless - question: why can't marvel do the same with spiderman? instead of the scratchy art, sometimes withg no real backgrounds, half-hearted computer colour and dull writing?

If I was in charge, I'd hire someone like Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri or Brandon Peterson to produce a top-quality comic with great colours by someone who's bothered! I'm sick and tired of marvel just turning out any old shit just because they think they have an established readership with spidey, and think that that guarantees sales. As it is I'm looking forward to reading the Badrock/Spiderman crossover that image are doing - just to see a good, detailed, colourful rendition of spidey by Rob Liefield - Spidey was best when Todd MacFarlane did him!!!

I have to admit that I have felt that some of the art has been a little half-hearted recently. Perhaps the cut-backs at Marvel have contributed, or maybe the rush to complete four titles each month is at fault. Maybe the teams are poorly built. It is important to match compatible pencillers and inkers. Maybe Marvel just doesn't care. There was certainly a real low-point around the time of the Scarlet Spider Titles.

... Oh, and yeah, I love Silvestri's work. His run on Uncanny X-Men was great. I don't know what else he has been doing recently. I liked McFarlane's work on Spider-Man too. I don't care what anyone else says!

From John Borrel

Now it looks like Peter will be the original. What would you do for a story line for Mary Jane?

  1. Run off with Ben?
  2. Leave Peter because she could not live with him being Spider-Man?
  3. Have the baby - they run into money problems - she needs to go back to work - must find babysitter - The Fantastic Four did the babysitter thing - will the baby get powers? - will the X-Men be far behind? More time travel story lines?
  4. Give her super powers?
  5. Baby dies during child birh and Mary Jane goes crazy?
  6. Killed?

I realize that the some of the above are way out in left field, but something will have to be done with Mary Jane.

From Some Marketing Guy

I wanted to get in touch with someone at your company to discuss advertising on your site.

We are a company that represents advertisers interested in advertising on the internet. These ads take the form of a 1" horizontal bar which runs across the top of web pages and is linked to advertiser's home page. Currently we are searching for sites that would be interested in generating revenue by running these ads on their pages. Sites must meet the criteria of averaging at least 1000 hits per week for the past 8 weeks. There is no charge for our service, we receive a commission only on advertisements actually sold and placed on your site. If you are interested, please e-mail me with the following:

Well, very kind as it was of Mr Hernandez to ask, I strongly suspect that somebody at Marvel might have something to say about me making advertising money from their intellectual property. I had to say "No Thanks" to that one.

From WebLearn

We are trying to find fun web sites with educational value and kids appeal, for teachers to use in the classroom.

This will give pupils a taste of wht they can find on the www. It will also provide ideas for them as part of a project where they will create their own web pages in small teams.

Well, I don't have any legal authority to say "Yes" to this one either - but I do feel that Marvel's lawyers would go easier on me for this transgression. As long as it turns the kids into Spider-Man fans then I guess they can't object!

From Some Graphic Artist

I am in the process of using Marvel Comics characters on my companies Intranet. Do you know if I need to get copyright permission from Marvel Entertainment to do so. This is not for profit. It's a spoof on our team and their alter egos. If the answer is yes, where do I write? I read your disclaimer and hoped that you may have the answer for me...

Hey it's been a real month for this kind of stuff. I didn't offer any advice either way on this one. Kind of borderline I guess.