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Date: Feb 1, 1996
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From Anonymous

Regarding Josh Lothridge's letter, I'm also totally shocked that your reviews are only read by 10 people. Taking into account your lack of any actual commentary, your insipid attitude, and such brilliant observations as "parts 1 and 2 were great," and "part 3 really let me down," I would think the number of visits to your site would be closer to zero.

Since your response reveals that the site is indeed visited by over 2500 people a month, I guess you told everyone else in your fifth grade class to check it out.

Ouch, that hurt! Well, I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a James Joyce, a T.S. Elliot, or even a Jackie Collins. It's ironic (and rather sad) that the unskilled decide to give it a go anyway, where as those with clearly superior literary skills prefer to vent their vitrolic fury, rather than offer much-needed assistance - *sigh*.

From Ben Rogers

I think that the creator of spiderman should make a spider team. We need a little variety of characters in the spiderman animated series. They could use some of the old characters such as Venom, Spiderman and Spiderwoman. But you should also have new characters such as:

  • "Spider" who has the same powers as spiderman, but twice his strength, eight arms, stronger webbing, and a symbiote.
  • "Scarlet Spiderwoman" who has the exact same powers as Scarlet Spider, but stronger webbing and a little more strength.
  • "Scarlet Spiderman" who is like spider except for the fact that he only has six arms.

Well, that's ... er, interesting. I'm not sure if that line-up would necessarily add variety as such, but I suppose it can't be worse than what the clone-meisters at Marvel have already come up with.

From Allen

Thank you very much for the information that you could provide. Just one last question, do you make any money off of your Web Site and, if so, about how much? I'm not the IRS, just curious.

Do I make money from this website? Nope! In fact, it costs me money to run. As for the IRS - let's hope it's a little while before they start nosing around in cyberspace.

From Al Margheim

Regarding Nightmare In Scarlet, I was disapointed in your review. First of all, New Warriors #67 was well written, and it did not look like a "japanese cartoon". I think "Nightmare In Scarlet" deserved at least three webs.

Ooops. I didn't mean to say it looked like a Japanese cartoon (although now you mention it...) What I meant was that the metal Scarlet Spider, with his shifting shape, growing size, and unending catalogue of powers and beam weapons was the kind of villain which is so frequent in Japanese Anime cartoons.