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Date: Jan 1, 1996
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From Andrew Miller

Andrew had some solid comments to add to last month's Review of Spider-Man Team-Up #1. If you read the book, you might be interested to read some of his accurate criticisms.

From Michael Heys

My name's Mike and I am a huge Spider-Man fan and I really do enjoy your page. My only gripe is that Peter Parker's Pad doesn't keep up with the comics enough. I don't really have any friends that read Spidey and PPP is the only real conversation I can have about the books.

Yeah, it's tough when none of your friends have any real sense of culture. As for the timing, I'm hoping that with a little help from Bryan doing the reviews, I should be able to shorten the time delay between comic-shop shelves and Peter Parker's Pad.

From Josh Lothridge

Just letting you know that there is somebody who actually reads your PPP articles every month. I'm amazed that only around 10 people read it. Considering the number of Spider-Man fans who surf the internet I'd think the number would be something like 100 or so a month. Maybe the problem is in the public relations.

You're right about one thing, the cost of comics. November and December was especially bad for me, especially when there was something like 15 Spidey books a month for those months. At least The Final Adventure and Amazing Fantasy both finish this month and no mini-series are planned for the next few months.

Actually - I did underestimate the current circulation a little. According to my access log, the last couple of issues of PPP have been read by close on 2500 people.

From Dave Frye

I was eager to read your review of the Green Goblin books. You don't see much chat on USENET about old GG, but it has become one of my favorite books. I'm a little concerned about what they have planned for GG.

Marvel can't maintain a book on GG where he stumbles thru life as GG and doesn't make a stand. Is he going to be a "good" guy, "bad" guy or antihero? Personally, I'd like to see him go "bad" due to the goo (TM) and become an antihero rather than a "good" GG.

Also, I agree with the 4 webs on SM/SM2099. Peter David spun an interesting tale with a humorous look at 2099 and beyond. A rare treat and well worth the cover price.

I agree, Green Goblin has to take a stand eventually. I can't see that there's a desperate hurry though. It might take him a few months - so let's just enjoy his attitude in the meantime.