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Date: Nov 1, 1995
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From Bryan Thiessen (Wed, 13 Dec 1995)

I just read your "Peter Parker's Pad" reviews today. I liked them, and I agree with your Batman/Spider-Man rating, but I wouldn't have given "The Greatest Responsibility" five webs. Anyway, I have a feeling that you're gonna do "The Return of Spider-Man" pretty soon. I'd give it (especially the ASM) five webs.

Well, wait 'til January and see what I thought of it. J.

From Bryan Thiessen (Thu, 14 Dec 1995)

The reason I wrote is because I just read your "Tomb of Kaine", and I agree with you. Although I might have given two webs (the art was good after the - and I agree with you again - deteriorating artwork in the monthly titles), the story was pathetic enough to drag it down. The one good thing is the last page...Kaine's alive! Yipee!

This month's Kaine profile is courtesy of Bryan, who is a bit of a Kaine fan.