Spider-Oracle Petitions (10-Sep-2013)

From Eric

I've restarted collecting Spidey after almost 20yrs.

One memory I have is an issue where Spidey has to wear a grey radioactive suit, that's the ONLY memory i have, but it was an issue i loved as a young child in the mid eighties.

Is there a place where "searching" for Spider-Man issues with vague memories exist in the Internet?

Indeed, such a place exists, and you are standing upon its very centre.

The issue you recall is Iron Man #234. Spider-Man puts on a grey radioactive suit to allow himself to combat Radioactive Man, although it has limited success, as you can see in these panels.

Also, it leaves the question of how Spider-Man was able to battle Radioactive Man in the later published Untold Tales of Spider-Man #16, and their later encounters during and after the events of Civil War.

From Beamer

Just wanted to add in the "was spiderman ever killed" page. Now I'm not 100 % sure but I believe spidey was killed by kraven and after kraven becomes spiderman and comits suicide spidey comes back to life. Awesome site by the way.

No, young one. This does not qualify for our F.A.Q. : Has Spider-Man Died? page.

Spider-Man does not actually die during the events of Kraven's Last Hunt. He is merely drugged into a near-death state, from which he eventually recovers.

From Thomas

We all know the famous line "with great power comes great responsibility" but I remember reading a line in the amazing spider man line which stated "with great responsibility comes great power" the line was in reference to the many responsibilities Peter has outside of being Spider-Man.

Which issue was the line "with great responsibility comes great power" said and who said it ? This would help me out tremendously, I know it comes sometime after ASM 570 or so. I plan on getting this tattooed since that phrase completely describes what I go threw on to daily basis and I need to reference it. Thanks for the help.

My adepts have located five references, including the one you seek.

Firstly, "With Great Responsibility comes Great Power" is the name of a story in The Amazing Spider-Man Extra #3. Although nobody actually speaks the line in that story.

Secondly, in "The Super Hero Squad Show" (TV Series) issue #20, the Mayor says: " With great responsibility comes great power, and vice versa."

Thirdly, in the series Earth X, an alternate Universe version of Peter Parker says "It's responsibility that brings power. It's knowing what needs to be done that brings strength. And courage. That's my daughter... and I won't let her remain a mindless slave of the Skull."

Fourthly (getting closer now) is the following extract from Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #32.

Ezekiel: "So what comes with Great Responsibility? What's the other half of the equation? Power? Freedoom? Guilt?"

Peter's response is somewhat ambiguous. It occurs after Ezekiel has told him about Morlun and the deadly threat that he represents. Peter replies "You Know what comes with great responsibility, Ezekiel? All That."

In the panel, Peter is pointing at the city skyline as the sun sets. However it is not entirely clear if Peter's "All That" actually refers to the skyline, or Morlun's danger, or both. See attached scans and decide for yourself.

Finally is the actual episode you reference from Amazing Spider-Man #568. See the image.

From AmazeWorks

I have a sneaking suspision that the next Amazing Spider-Man movie is going to be clone based, so I have been tracking down old appearances of Scarlet Spider. Where does "Backlash Spider-Man" fit into Spider-Man continuity?

I'm not sure where you got that impression from!

Electro (Paul Giamatti) and Rhino (Jamie Foxx) are both confirmed for the second Amazing Spider-Man film. The likelihood of the story being based around a Spider-Man clone is somewhere around 1.5% at this time, and falling fast.

As for the question of how the two-part mini-series Backlash/Spider-Man fits into mainstream Spider-Man continuity? Well the answer is... it doesn't. Other than obviously taking place during the period in which Ben Reilly is Spider-Man, there are no specific references to surrounding events that would allow the arc to be placed any more accurately than that.

From canefan5699

in the venom carnage 1-4 storyline where toxin is created felicia hardy tells the cop that becomes toxin she's never encountered symbiotes. this makes no sense because she first encountered venom during his second spiderman appearance when he beat her up trying to find spiderman in his apartment but peter moved and she fought against carnage alongside venom and spiderman in maximum carnage. did black cat die and this is a new character?

To answer your last question first: No, this is the same old Felicia Hardy who has previously encountered symbiotes before as you so rightly mention back in the events of the Maximum Carnage story and in Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #316 .

Here is the relevant panel from Venom/Carnage #2. The exact quote is "Who are those horrible creatures".

Perhaps a reasonable explanation is simply that the scene is night-time on a city rooftop, and the symbiotes move very quickly. It seems reasonable to suggest that Felicia didn't recognise her old foes. The Black Cat is known for using Infra Red vision contact lenses, but while they would assist with vision, they would also hide the colouring which would further complicate identification.

The symbiotes have changed their appearance significantly in that time too, remember. They tend to assume a much more "stringy" and segmented fashion than they once did. Previously, Venom was a solid mass with a few tendrils. However in Venom/Carnage the symbiotes (especially Carnage) are more tendril than substance. This would very likely make the correlation more difficult.

The final option is that writer Peter Mulligan simply didn't do his homework properly when checking continuity. But personally I prefer to support an in-continuity explanation whenever possible.

From Chris

First off, I cannot thank you enough for maintaining this site. Not only is it a fantastic resource, but it is also primarily responsible for helping to resurrect my interest in Spidey and in reading/collecting comics after over 15 years of dormancy. So, thanks.

But I'm writing because while browsing marvel.wikia.com I found some data that should be added to your site regarding artist credits. According to marvel.wikia.com, Dan Adkins is credited with working on Spider-Man in the following comics:

Cover artist

  • Iron Fist vol.1 # 8
  • Marvel Team-Up vol. 1 #s 41, 44
  • X-Men vol. 1 #s 35, 83

I hope this is helpful. Thanks again.

Thank you Chris. In the original days of the SpiderFan archives, the adepts were somewhat restrained in the nature of the information they entered into our database. Typically they would input only Editor, Writer, Pencils and Inker. Credits for Cover Art, Lettering and Coloring were not usually entered.

More recently, the agents of the Spider-Oracle have become more zealous in many cases. However the database is still missing most of those secondary credits. That area of the site may very likely become the target of a concerted data entry effort at some stage in the future.

From pahodgson

Spider-man Magazine does seem to be missing from your website on new comics. The UK comic that is the renamed Spider-man Adventures comic. I'm trying to find out which issue it changed it title.

This magazine is most definitely not missing. It is indexed in our database as Spectacular Spider-Man (UK Magazine). We have a very thorough listing and a nearly-complete set of reviews of all the original stories, starting with the first original content in issue #52 (Sep 1999).

To answer your question, issue #69 is the last issue named "Spectacular Spider-Man Adventures". Issue #70 (April 2001) is the first to be entitled simply "Spectacular Spider-Man".

  Spectacular Spider-Man (UK Magazine) #70
Review:   [3 Webs] by The Editor
Story: “Life Begins at Eighty!”
Summary: 11-Apr-2001
Editor: Alan O'Keefe
Writer: Jason Quinn
Artist: John Ross
Lettering: Julia Illingworth
Colorist: Alan Craddock

Issue #226 was the last issue to feature an original story. Disney subsequently revoked the rights so Panini is now forced to offer only reprints. To reflect that change, as of issue #227 (October 2011) the title became known as simply "Spider-Man Magazine".

As of issue #255 (May 2013) it has been renamed yet again, and is now called "Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Magazine".