To the Editor (22-Apr-2019)

From Scout mom

Our son has earned Eagle Scout and is a huge SpiderFan. It would be amazing for him to receive a letter recognizing his achievement from such a cool organization.

An "organization"? SpiderFan isn't "organized"! I'm just a guy sitting at a computer in my undershorts all weekend, creating a web-site and reading comic books instead of spending time with my own under-achieving children.

Oh great, now you've just reminded me how useless my own kids are. They never achieved anything, just like their dad never did. Oh brilliant, now you've reminded me of how useless I was. Thank you so much.

From Sam

Hello. My son would love an autographed picture of Spider-Man please. His name is [redacted] and he is 8. Thank you so kindly.

I'm 52 and I also would love an autographed picture of Spider-Man please. Do let me know if you find a place that gives them away for free. And hey, I want one signed by the real Spider-Man! Not just a random fake scribble by some fat loser sitting at a computer!

From Ana from Argentina

My name is Ana. I'm just a regular reader/Spidey data searcher of this website, please tell me it's not dying. Since a few days, I can not see the images. That worried me to the bone. Are you restructuring the site? Or are you no longer interested?

I'm a die-hard Spider-Man fan, so this place is like heaven to me. I'll be checking it regularly to see if it comes back in full form.

Hola Ana. Yes I did take a break from updating the site for a couple of years. To be honest, the relentless flood of Spider-Man titles (and particularly the variant covers) just completely overwhelmed me. Collecting the complete Spider-Man was no longer an enjoyable hobby. It had become a harmful addiction which had overtaken my life and bank account.

After taking a break, I decided to restructure the site as "Spider-Man 1962-2015" allowing me to focus on filling the gaps in my collection, cross-referencing and reviewing every single Spider-Man appearance from the first 53 years of his career.

So, going forward, you should see plenty of activity with regular reviews, items, and articles appearing on the site. You just won't see "new" titles. Everything is focused on the classic Spider-Man. That's enough to keep one editor (and his small but dedicated team of assistants) busy for the next few years.

I think I'm doing my "bit". Somebody else can take care of 2016-Now!

From John

Hey there, I'm looking into organizing all my Spider-Man comics by story arc and was wondering if this site has that crossover information already laid out. If so how can I find it and if not do you know where I can?

This is a question that turns up on a regular basis.

Many years ago, we began the process of defining the one true Spider-Man Unified Reading Flow. The staff made some progress, but it is still incomplete. Perhaps in ten years time, after I've finished collecting every Spider-Man appearance up to 2015, I might go through and finish the job.

Or maybe you can help, after you've finished organizing your collection?

From SN

If I remember correctly, this site used to have a section that was an ongoing series of fan-made comics poking fun at whatever Spider-Man run was happening at the moment. I distinctly remember comics making fun of "One More Day" and the "Sins Remembered" storylines. Whatever happened to those?

The old ones are still over in Fun & Games : Spider-Funnies.

But there haven't been any new ones since I lost contact with Heather, the artist who made everything possible.

From newladtgrrl2003

did you see the spiderman AOL Instant Messenger expression! Holy crap, at 6pm it changes to the black suit. amazing!!!

You keep using this word "amazing". I do not think it means what you think it means.