To the Editor (04-Sep-2016)

From ek4rd0n

I am a non-native English speaker. I recently started watching Spideramn TAS 1967 on youtube. However, I am not able catch some words, sometimes sentences. I couldn't find any subtitle neither English nor my native language. I was wondering if I would send parts that I don't understand to you, would you help as a Spiderman fan. Please let me knwo, and tell me what you need to help me.

Hey, no problem. I'm not doing much this weekend, other than a bit of guitar practice, cooking dinner, some work in the garden, take the kids to the mall, maybe catch up with my mom on the phone, couple of hours computer gaming, read some comics, maybe review one or two of them.

So I should be able to grab a few hours to sit down and transcribe the whole series for you. Is typing OK, or would you prefer hand-written?

From Timmy

Hello Webmaster / Site Operator!

This is our first attempt to reach out to you in regards to this issue.

My name is Timmy and I am reaching out to you as a representative from We are all at the mercy of Google, unfortunately. As Google updates their algorithm we are forced to adapt and adhere to their quality guidelines. We understand the stress this puts on webmasters, and we apologize for that inconvenience, but for our own best interest we cannot ignore Google.

We have recently completed a full backlink profile audit on our site’s and have found links that were once valuable, may now have a negative effect on our internet presence. We found the following backlinks from your site.

Please remove the above links as well as all other links to

We greatly appreciate your time and attention to this matter. Thank you very much!

Well, that is most unusual! I regularly receive emails from companies begging for us to link to their site. This is the first time I've been asked to remove a link from our "Links Page".

Now, normally I'd simply ignore your request. The right to hyperlink websites is expressly mentioned in the first amendment (written in 1791 by Thomas Jefferson Airplane).

But fortunately for you I just visited and indeed, it truly is awful. Not only is it clunky and unattractive, but it also does that really annoying thing where right after you visit the site, it throws up a popup window blocking you from actually doing anything. What were you thinking?!

So we'll happily remove that reference from our links page. In fact, I think we'll remove our links page entirely. It's a relic from the days before Google knew everything about everybody.

From xp.meza

Hello I have the original for sale

Are you sure? There's a lot of fakes floating around these days.

From Lianga08

Do you guys sell copies of the daily bugle newspaper prop?

Like this one?

  Daily Bugle Movie Props #1
Review:  No Review Yet
Story: “Who is Spider-Man?”
Summary: Spider-Man appears

We don't sell anything here at SpiderFan.Org. But if you do manage to find a good source for these, please let me know. I'm still missing it from my personal collection!

From walter

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Give a man a comic, you entertain him for ten minutes. Teach him to live without comics, and you save him from a life of poverty and materialistic addiction.

From Ron

Hello, my name's Ron and I just wrote to tell you how much I love this site, and to thank you for the outstanding job you've done here. Many hours have been lost perusing the character bios, and searching through so many comic covers!

I've been a faithful reader of Spider-Man since I was a little kid, all the way through the worst dregs of the Clone Saga, three terrible movies, that one kinda okay one, and about a gazillion video games - and to know that there's other people who feel as passionately about the character as I do is wonderful.

So, once more, thanks for a bang up job, and here's to many more years of wall crawling!

Hey Ron. Thanks heaps for the kind words. It's kindness like this that keeps us going!

From Ben

Hello. I liked your review of the Breakout novelization by Alisha Kwitney. Thank you for informing me straight up that the Sentry, Matt Murdock, and Wolverine were completely removed from the book. I don't mind the absence of Wolverine, but the Sentry was the whole reason Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson, and Luke Cage were there on the Raft when the breakout begain! So removing Robert (Sentry) and Matt from the storyline sounds AWFUL to me, especially if they're replacing it with Clint/Natasha stuff! I like Clint Barton in the mainstream Marvel universe. I do NOT like the mopey guy in "The Ultimates", and nothing he did in the Avengers film stayed in my memory (and I've watched it about 10 times!) You've saved me the trouble of buying and reading this book. Thanks for your thorough review!

Two kind emails in a row? What's up with that? Where have all the selfish, illiterate people gone?

From Antonio

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Oh, there you are.