What do Spider-Fans want to see in 2017?

The question posed for Dec 31, 2016 was:

With the coming of 2017, and with it many things Spider-related, what would Spider-Fans want to see?

The final results were...

Yes No  
57% 42% The return of Ben Reilly full time to the series
55% 44% A Kaine / Ben Reilly co-starring book
71% 28% The end of Parker Industries
47% 52% A Miles Morales Spider-Man animated movie
13% 86% A new Amazing Spider-Man #1 relaunch
46% 53% A new ongoing Peter Parker Spider-Man satellite title
13% 86% The return of Uncle Ben full time to the series
33% 66% Zendaya as Mary Jane in “Spider-Man: Homecoming”
61% 38% A new writer for Amazing Spider-Man
28% 71% Peter still funding the Avengers
22% 77% Even more spinoff series similar to Silk and Spider-Gwen
30% 69% Spider-Gwen becoming a regular ASM cast member
48% 51% A Spider-Men follow up starring Peter and Miles Morales
50% 49% Renew Your Vows Spider-Man made the main comic continuity
28% 71% Aunt May hooks up with Tony Stark in the Marvel Movie Universe

Total from 83 pollsters.