Fast Food : McDonalds Amazing Spider-Man 2 Promo (Girls Toy #4)

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This review was first published on: Jul 2014.


This McDonald's Happy Mean "Toy" is actually a journal.

In Detail...

McDonalds Amazing Spider-Man 2 Promo (Girls Toy #4)
Year 2014 : SM Title
Summary: "Be Amazing" Journal (Spider-Man Reference)
Distributor:  McDonald's
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This is a pink/purple toned book "for girls". It is 4" x 5.3" with 24 purple-colored pages. The pages have ruled lines, and a spider-man logo or symbol in the background. There is no text.

This journal has a magnetic clasp to keep the book closed.

The package also includes a small (3" x 3") sheet of stickers.

In General...

The boys get an activity book. The girls get a "private journal".

See my review of McDonalds Amazing Spider-Man 2 Promo (Boys Toy #8) for more notes on the difference between the "pink" and "blue" books in this series.

Overall Rating...

It's well made. It's "free" when you purchase junk food. Which is to say, it's not free at all.

Two webs.