Fast Food : McDonalds Amazing Spider-Man 2 Promo (Boys Toy #8)

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This review was first published on: Jul 2014.


This is a red/blue toned book "for boys". It is 4.3" x 5" with 24 blue-colored pages. The pages feature Spider-Man themed puzzles and coloring pages.

The package also includes a small (3" x 3") sheet of stickers.

In Detail...

McDonalds Amazing Spider-Man 2 Promo (Boys Toy #8)
Year 2014 : SM Title
Summary: Activity Book
Distributor:  McDonald's
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The bare minimum of effort has been put into the puzzles. For example, "How many words can you make from the letters THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN". Others include the perennial "3x3 grid for you to play tic-tac-toe". Could be handy just in case you couldn't find a blank piece of paper, I guess?

The boys get a sheet of stickers 3" x 4".

In General...

It's always interesting to consider the differences between the pink and blue products in the McDonalds toy ranges.

In this case, I note that girls get a blank journal while the boys get guided activities. Does this imply that girls are typically more literate and creative and less needing prompting in their writing?

Furthermore, the boys sheet of stickers is larger than the one given to the girls. Is this to prepare those young ladies for a lifetime of lower average salaries in the modern world?

Finally, the boys book is 0.25" inch shorter but 0.25" inch wider than the corresponding girls product. I can offer no rational interpretation for this difference.

Overall Rating...

This book exists purely in order to entice your kids to demand poor food choices.

Hmm... maybe I should give my kids a toy every time they eat an apple?

Two webs.


According to Google, there are 3,240 words in the English language which can be made from the letters in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.