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How do I buy stuff?

Firstly, nothing on this site is for sale.

To buy stuff, try the newsgroup or auction sites like eBay and Amazon Auctions.

Plus, we do have some links to some of the larger online Comic Shops on our Links Page.

Other than that, I'm sorry - I can't tell you where to buy Spider-Man Pajamas in Basingstoke, or a Spider-Man Bicycle in the Tri-State area. I can't even help you find Spider-Man vitamins in Indonesia, or Spider-Baby Diapers in Botswana.

Anything else, we can't help. Please don't ask. Try a search engine like Google.

How do I sell stuff?

The Spider-Fan site doesn't buy or sell comics.

But having said that, I (the site editor) do have my personal Want List online, which lists the various Spider-Man comics I'm still looking for to complete my collection. Also, I might be tempted in buying some cheap, low-grade runs of comics from the 60's and early 70's, just to enjoy those classics.

But basically these days, most of the world's comic selling happens on eBay. Naturally you need to do your research before selling, to make sure that you're asking a reasonable price.

What are my Spidey Comics worth?

This is a very common question. The simple answer is that something is worth in dollars what somebody else will pay, or what it would cost you to replace. Some things are worth more than just money.

To give a value to a book or comic, you need to know firstly what the comic is worth in Near Mint condition. Then you need to reduce the price if the comic's grade is less than perfect.

To get a valuation for a near mint copy of a Spidey book/comic, you can use our Comics Database. Our NM prices are collated from a variety of difference sources. Alternatively, there's a couple of comics price guides online, you can find them on our Links Page.

If you have a big batch of comics, you probably should invest in a printed price guide. The monthly Wizard Magazine will cost you around US$5, but it's a bit fickle. Most serious collectors and dealers refer to The Overstreet Comics Price Guide for comic book valuations - it costs more, but it's far more thorough.

For online resources, we generally recommend Comics Price Guide, which provides a different perspective from either of the printed guides. Finally, for the absolute last word on what a comic is worth, simply visit eBay and see what people have paid recently.

Don't forget, if your comic is other than "near mint" then you'll need to determine the actual grade of the comic you have, and adjust the price downwards as appropriate. To determine the grade of a comics, check out our Grading Guide, which is pretty similar to those you'll find in all the other sources mentioned above.

Most price guides cover only Comics. For Books, check our NM price values on the site, then check eBay and Amazon.

What are my Spidey Trading Cards worth?

For Spider-Man trading cards, you have a few options. Firstly, there is a magazine called Non-Sports Update which specializes in non-sports cards. Also, Wizard magazine produces a trading card price guide from time-to-time.

You will also find information at specialist trading card bulletin boards such as Trading Card Central. However, again, your real best friend is eBay.