Fans : Top Ten : 2006 : Top Ten Spider-Man Characters to See Brought Back

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The following is a list of supporting characters from Spider-Man that haven't been around in a loooong time and that Paul Nardone would like to see again, or characters Paul Nardone would like to see more of. They are in no specific order.

  1. The Black Cat She is in Marvel Knights Spider-Man quite a bit, but I'd like to see more of her. Maybe even her own series.
  2. The Prowler One of my all time fav Spidey characters
  3. Annex
  4. Nightwatch
  5. Solo
  6. Morbius
  7. Flash Thompson
  8. All the Slingers (and in case you didn't know Wolverine killed the Hornet)

    The last two are guys that team up with ol' web-head but Paul would like to see more team-ups with them:

  9. Daredevil
  10. Human Torch