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Joe Meringolo list's his personal top ten Spidey villains...

  1. Electro: He runs around in a green and yellow jumpsuit shocking people.
  2. Vulture: First spidey villian ever.
  3. Kraven The Hunter: He buried spiderman alive.
  4. Chameleon:Brings new meaning to the tearm "Master of Disguise"
  5. Kingpin: A villian whose power is recruiting other supervillians.Thats cool.
  6. Green Goblin(Harry): Peter's best friend and heir to the goblin legacy until his demise
  7. Doctor Octopus: Ingenious scientist who was the first person to defeat spiderman. Killed Gwen Stacy's father.
  8. Venom: He is probaly the one of the most badass looking villians in the spiderman comics to date. Venom started battling spiderman when he was he was peter's costume.
  9. The Green Goblin: The Goblin is probably the most legendary villian in the Spider-Man universe. Nobody has done more damage to spiderman mentally than him. Just a few things he has done is 1.Kidnap peter and MJ's baby 2.Put Flash Thompson in a coma 3.Was the first villian to find out spiderman's secret identity 4.Killed peter's clone and good friend ben reiley 5.He impregnated and then killed Gwen Stacy. Enough said.
  10. Morlun: Many people are going to think: "Are you CRAZY?!", but just think about it. Not only can this guy find anyone he wants by touching them but he nearly killed spiderman without breaking a sweat. On top of that he is probably one of the most badass villians in the entire marvel universe which is why he beats out a dude dressed up in a goblin suit.Expect to see him again.