Fans : Top Ten : 2004 : Top Ten Spidey Villians That Messed With Spidey's Head

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I don't know 'bout you, but I love Spidey stories where there are mind games going on. So this list is the top 10 villians that messed with spidey's head.

The list is no particular order.

  1. Black Trantula. OK, OK, many people didn't like him. But he and Spidey fought twice, and both times Spidey got his butt handed to him and the Trantula just walked away. I mean just knowing that he could have been killed, Spidey must of been disturbed a little by that.
  2. Venom. Do I need to explain? The guy doesn't affect spidey's danger sense - and he knows his identity.
  3. The Chameleon. If you don't know why I am putting him here I suggest you go back and look at Spectacular Spider-Man #242 and #243. He put Spidey in an asylum and made him think he was some crazy guy who thought he was Spider-Man. That, if you ask me, is the best mind game of all.
  4. Doctor Octopus. Not only is he the first villian to defeat Spidey, but he also came how close to becoming his uncle?????
  5. Miles Warren (The Jackal). I'd say this guy totally screwed up Spidey's life. Made a clone of him (and caused that awful story). Plus, he implanted that thing in Peter's head to make him want to kill MJ!
  6. Kraven The Hunter. The Original. I mean this guy buried Spider-Man alive for 2 weeks and took over his identity.
  7. Judas Traveller. This guy took aunt May's soul. Thats it.
  8. Carnage. Do I have to explain?
  9. Original Green Goblin - This guy was the king of mind games. He kidnapped his own grandson to try and stop Spidey.
  10. Harry as the Goblin - whats worse then thinking that your worst enemy is your best friends dad? How 'bout your worst enemy BEING your best frined? That would-a done it right there for me if I was Spidey.