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Spidey's always been a loner. He's never been a member of any hi-fi superhero teams. Thats what makes him so distinct from other heroes. But then, its always good to see Spidey to team up with some well known heroes to fight evil.

Thats why in 1972, a secondary Spider-title), Marvel Team Up was brought up. Most of them were good issues. Spidey also teamed up outside that title, (Take Daredevil/Spider-Man: Unusual Suspects) and some of them are really good. Spidey's witty and wisecracking mood often conflicts with some heroes' seriousness, which adds to the glamour of the teamup.

And now presenting, the top ten heroes who Spidey is always compatible with in a teamup (According to me, Rahul).

  1. Daredevil: His entry in the list is inevitable. They make a great pair together. In fact the Daredevil/Spider-Man teamups always rival the Daredevil/Black Widow ones. Think of it, the older, serious Matt Murdock and the young, wisecracking Peter Parker, in an adventure with thrills bound to be aroused. Daredevil's like The Batman of Marvel Comics. Maybe its only Spidey's wisecracks which provide little light in his otherwise dark life. They're also very close friends knowing each other's identities. Also, the Daredevil writers have done an unforgiveable thing to raise DD's greatness, by snatching away one of Spidey's greatest enemies, and making him DD's prime nemesis: The Kingpin, Wilson Fisk.
  2. Human Torch: Back in their heydays, Johnny and Peter were the Teen Heroes of that time. Whenever these two teamed up, there always used to be fierce competition between these two. There was never an issue which never concluded without these two on each other's throats. Their egos always collided, that's what made their teamups so special. But now that both have them have matured, there's a little possibility that their teamups would shine like in their 60's comics. Yet they are still true friends at heart.
  3. Black Cat: Ah, yes, the sexy kitty of Marvel. What a pair these two used to make in the comics! Too bad the item didn't last for long (Three words: Mary Jane Watson). But yet the ongoing attraction between Spidey and the Cat was one of the factors that made their appearances special. It can be seen even after marriage. (Check out Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do).She must be the best female hero only compatible with Spidey. Rrrrrrrrrrr, meow!
  4. Scarlet Spider: Yeah I know everyone really do not like to remember the infamous Clone Saga which drove away many fans from the Spidey-series. But stronger fans kept on hanging thanks to Ben Reilly, before he took up the Spider mantle(which then drove them away as well.). Lets face it, having two Spiders up against evil is fun and overkill which I like.
  5. Hulk: Well, he and Spidey do make an odd couple. Whenever they fight or they team up, its always Spidey's wisecracks against the Hulk's muscles. I know that Spidey can't last one round with big guy, but then their fights are always enjoyable. In every fight, its always Spidey's quips against the Hulk's dim-wittedness that scores him out of danger from the Hulk's fists. If you want to know one more thing, Spidey's first encounter with the Hulk was also his first encounter with his greatest nemesis: The Green Goblin.
  6. Wolverine: Hey bub, whats the hubbub? Why am I in this list even though almost every teamup with the webhead stinks in comic history?' Because I like them, no matter how much the story stinks. One good example is the one-shot Spider-Man Vs Wolverine book which lists in the top 10 best Spider-stories. Also, Pete's parents (who were SHIELD agents when they were alive) teamed up with SHIELD agent James Logan' Howlett which was a good story. Their teamup is almost like antithetical; Seriousness vs light moments. I feel they make a good fighting duo in action. Hope the bigwigs in Activision reading this list think of making a Spider-Man/Wolverine game?
  7. Silver Sable: I think she is the only 2nd best female hero to have an utstanding teamship with Spidey. She and the Wild Pack, heroes for hire, often make a colliding stand with the webhead in a teamup, which makes them special.
  8. Punisher: I wouldn't call this a teamup; its more of a contrast between these two. Spidey who always likes to web up the crooks and toss them in jail, and Frank Castle, who just loves to pump them with lead as according to him, the jail-system doesn't work. The conflicts between these two heroes (or with any other hero) are always spectacular, as Punisher is always the most unusual hero' using the guns to quell evil.
  9. Avengers: Well, duh, wasn't he nearly eligible for being membership? The World's mightiest heroes never did have him, a potential member for Avengership. He was first turned down many times, which then resulted a personal decision for him not to be an Avenger.
  10. Dr. Strange: The team up between these two mystic heroes (Yes MYSTIC: Because of JMS) is alway... well... mystic. I love these teamups. His first encounter with the Doc was also Spidey's first encounter with the supernatural (According to JMS he seems to be favourite for the paranormal).

Well actually it's not over yet. I feel Uncle Ben should have been included in the list, for his immortal line "WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY" always remains attached to Spidey's mental, physical and spiritual self. (Doesn't it fall under a teamup?).