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Here's a list of Spidey's ten greatest Super-Villains by Jomari Robles, aged 13. They're in reverse order... working up to number 1.

  1. Kraven the Hunter- Nope, not Alyosha, but Sergei Kravinoff. He did something no other villain could do, he killed Spider-Man!Well, not really but he still almost did, he buried him alive, he became him, he just did it!
  2. The Shocker- Okay, okay, he may not be one of the best but for me, but he's preety cool. He sucks, he's stupid, he's useless without his vibro- units, and he's wearing a jazzier costume than Spidey. He's just, cool.
  3. Mysterio- He faked death three or more times, how would you not like this guy? The fact that he's wearing a fishbowl on his head may not be very, um, cool but he has one of the best and more colorful costumes in the Spider-Man universe! (I would like to tell you, green and purple don't match) :)
  4. Venom- Of course everyone likes this guy! I know no one who dislikes Venom! He is unbeatable! not even for Spidey himself! But, Scarlet Spider did defeat him, so what!? He's the best!
  5. Doctor Doom- He may not be a major Spider-Man villain but this guy may be the greatest villain in the Marvel Universe! He kicked Beyonder's ass, he almost sold Franklin Richards to Mephisto, he hates Reed Richards(?), and he wears a better costume than Magneto!('Cause Maggie wears a bucket on his head... what was he thinking?!)He wears a flashy green cape and cowl with the armor to go with it! NUMBER 1!
  6. Hobgoblin- He framed Ned Leeds. He made Jason Macendale Hobgoblin and he soon killed him. He sent Flash Thompson to jail simply by framing him. He is Roderick Kingsely. I believe he is the Hobgoblin because it's what is said in "Hobgoblin Lives", who else would it be and Ned Leeds ansd Jason Macendale are dead, he's still out there. Plus, who else would be able to fashion design Green Goblin's costume?
  7. Carnage- If you say Venom's not enough here comes his nastier offspring! Carnage thinks the earth's ruler is a drooling idiot and he thinks nothing is pattern and plan. All his words in his vocabulary are: kill, murder, massacre, blood, guts, brains and destroy. That is what makes him a true villain, a cold blooded murdering psychopath!
  8. Electro- Come on, Electro has cool powers, a cool costume and a cool attitude. Electro wants what should be done. Plus, his costume is one of the best costumes of Marvel History! Who would want to miss out having the power of Thunder?
  9. Doctor Octopus- He is THE best Spider-Man villain. Only if Green Goblin isn't here. I cannot belive Marvel killed him off. It's so good they brought him back.(What Marvel does best: Die, Live) His charcter is very unique as well as his brilliant mind and his tentacles. Plus, his costumes are awsome!
  10. Green Goblin- Everyone knows why Green Goblin is number one. Just one thing. Can you guess? Alright. He killed Gwen Stacy. That's it. He killed Gwen Stacy, the one who was the most perfect girl for Peter Parker. Even more perfect than Mary Jane, and he killed her. Get me?