Fans : Top Ten : 1998 : Top Ten Worst things Marvel can do to Spider-Man

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Here's Matthew Han's list of the ten worst things Marvel could do to Spider-Man. And, yes, some of them are pretty bad!

  1. Makes the new movie, 101 Spidey Clones
  2. Makes a comic (since Marvel is going bankrupt) about Spidey on the streets being a beggar trying to help out.
  3. The new Violet Spider
  4. The new Spider-Man 209999999999
  5. Marvel gets an 2-year old to draw Spidey comics and pays them minimum wage because of bancruptcy.
  6. Spider-Man teams up with... his home made wooden doll.
  7. Spider-Man is now known as Dolly 3, the cloned Spider.
  8. Spider-Man's Grandparents comes back and turns out to be robots.
  9. Spidey gets hit in the head, forgets how to make webbing and uses Noodles found in the supermarket instead.
  10. And the Worst... *Drum Roll*... Spot, the villian comes back and adopts a dog... named Spot.