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Wondered what Norman might be planning to do next? Matthew L. thinks he knows what's on the Evil One's Filofax(tm) To Do List.

  1. Ruin Flash Thompson's recently improved life. Assuming he finds out that Prodigy, whom Flash hates, is Peter Parker, he'll probably use Prodigy to get Flash fired, when he goes off to commit suicide and bond with yet another killer symbiote, etc. [okay, I was kidding about the symbiote............]
  2. Stay away from a very mad Punisher that he used in Spiderman #89. Frank was seen at the beginning of Spectacular #255, mad about how he was used.
  3. After seeing the end panel of Spectacular #257, Conundrum and Jack will probably beat Prodigy to death, in turn driving him towards Osborn, who will offer his Goblin formula and promise that it will allow him to win round 2, when it will really drive him insane, and Osborn would use a new pumped-up Prodigy to hunt Spiderman, when he's really killing Spiderman with his own formula, although he'll probably come back to live with his healing factor and become a psychopathic vigilante hunting for Spiderman (himself) and Osborn, when he is suddenly cloned by Osborn and the clone is revealed to be the real Prodigy [well, it could happen in a What If? issue]
  4. Turn Normie into Green Goblin 5 (if he stayed kidnapped in Spiderhunt, he would have recieved training from either Osborn or that one who was flying around then, becoming the best Green Goblin ever, driven by the death of his father and the often forgotten-about-by-Marvel-which-is-why-he-keeps-coming-back death of his grandfather, to kill Spiderman.)
  5. Kill Ben Urich (I mean, when your secret identity is revealed by someone, being merciful to him when you've got complete control over his job is probably a good cover-up for killing a guy, but not something you want to leave it at.)
  6. Drive Jonah insane (which he's used Jack for, hopefully not turning JJJ into some new super-villian/ vigilante hungry for Spiderman or Osborn's blood)
  7. Constantly remind himself not to mastermind any more clone sagas (gee, I made a funny) [a hint of sarcasm there]
  8. Drive Parker into insanity (duh, really?)
  9. Gain psionic powers and erase the mind of some powerful rival in his life. starting the Onslaught process again, hopefully sending Spiderman into an alternate pocket universe and hoping he won't return like Captain America and all the others
  10. Take out anything that gets in his way of the above.

Actually, I suspect myself that Item #1 has got to be 'Stock Up on Hair Tonic'. Second on the list is probably 'Cancel Life Insurance Policy'... with that Healing Factor, it's kind of surplus to requirements!