Fans : Top Ten : 1998 : Top Ten Advantages of Being Married to Spider-Man

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Pattama & Preston Wallech pointed out that despite all the down-sides of being married to a super-hero like Spider-Man, there are still a few advantages. For example...

  1. Good for moving furniture (no couch too heavy).
  2. If you lose your car-jack, he can pick up the whole car.
  3. You can slap him around and you know it won't hurt him (considering he's gone toe to toe with the Hulk).
  4. Can have him walk along ceiling, pick you up, and then walk back to other room if you've painted yourself into a corner.
  5. Less laundry: wears one outfit for several days at a time.
  6. Don't have to worry if he'll get love handles because he doesn't exercise.
  7. You know he's not lying when he says, "Sorry I'm late... aliens kidnapped me."
  8. Webbing dissolve in an hour - don't have to worry about losing the keys to the handcuffs.
  9. Spider sense lets them know if Aunt Anna will catch them doing... you know what.
  10. Proportionate strength of... well, you know what too.