Fans : Top Ten : 1997 : Top Ten Reasons that Ben isn't the Clone

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Here's Max Browns reasons why Ben isn't the clone.

  1. That guy in Spiderman 75 turned to dust. Only incomplete clones do that ( Maximum Clonage). The spider skeleton stuck around for five years, and other clones didn't degenerate at death, so why should a " perfect clone".
  2. Giant Man contrastes Ben's DNA with the skeleton's. He found a genetic drift in the skeleton's DNA, which proved it was a clone, but not in Ben's.
  3. The Jackal said that he implanted the belief of being a clone memory into Peter Parker at the same time he took his first genetic samples ( not after the first fight between the Spidey's as the Goblin thought.), and Ben was the one who had that particular belief implanted.
  4. He beat Venom.
  5. That implant that almost made Peter kill Mary Jane, that must have been implanted at birth to be so strong.
  6. He just... isn't!
  7. Because I said.
  8. Alright I don't have 10 reasons.
  9. But I made my point, Ben ain't the clone.
  10. Peter's the clone.