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Al Sjoerdsma (Spidey Historian Extraordinaire) presents his top ten list of the villains that he would really love to see making a comeback before too long.

  1. Norman Osborn, the original Green Goblin (I don't care if he's dead. I've missed him for 23 years.)
  2. The Original Enforcers (This team was always the perfect fighting foil for Spidey, especially as drawn by Steve Ditko.)
  3. Blackie Drago - The Second Vulture
  4. The Schemer (He doesn't have to be Richard Fisk again. That great look with the streak of gray in his hair was a mask, after all.)
  5. The Gibbon (I'm not kidding.)
  6. The Mindworm (I'm not kidding about this one either.)
  7. The Grizzly (Or this one.)
  8. The Spot (Great potential here, I think.)
  9. Tombstone (But without the ridiculous powers they gave him.)
  10. Slyde

Personally, I would have put Spot and Tombstone right at the top of that list. As for the original Green Goblin... well, there are rumours...!

And here is his list of lame villains who should be permanantly consigned to the scrap heap.

  1. Traveller (Loved your review of "Crossfire" in PPP #2.)
  2. The New Enforcers (Blown away by the originals.)
  3. Silvermane (Didn't this guy die already in ASM #75? Enough!)
  4. Bloodrose (or Bloodshed or any other character with the word "blood" in his name.)
  5. Facade (Who is he? Who cares?)
  6. Warrent (or Deadaim or any other gun-toting goons of this sort.)
  7. Mad Dog #2020 (or anybody else even remotely involved with the Mad Dog Ward.)
  8. Puma (Savage or tame, he was always a bore.)
  9. Platoon, Sandstorm, and the Master of Vengeance (None of these three are even worthy of a slot in the list to themselves.) And, finally, believe it or not.....
  10. Carnage (Represents everything I loathe about modern comics.)

Well, with the possible exception of Mad Dog, and maybe Carnage (who should be allowed out every couple of years - but no more), I have to agree totally with Al on this second list.