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Here's Yabbo's list of surprises about Peter and MJ's new baby girl. Actually, some of them won't really surprise me!

  1. Due to a brain defect thinks that the Scarlet Spider is "cool".
  2. Not only is she named after Aunt May, she looks like Aunt May.
  3. Understands exactly why Marvel just doesn't give Venom his own title.
  4. First sentence: "Power and Responsibility? More like a load of crap!"
  5. Can actually understand the lyrics in the new Spider-Man cartoon.
  6. Mary Jane's nose, Peter's eyes, and Ben's hair.
  7. Thinks that the clone saga should go on "a little longer".
  8. By age three, can already write better stuff then that in the "Scarlet-Spider" books.
  9. Thinks that maybe Ben will turn out to be the true Spider-Man in Spidey #75.
  10. In two months has her own title: "Spider-Kid".