Fans : Top Ten : 1996 : Top Ten Reasons Peter is Sick

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Jason Lindsay, PPP Reviewer and Phil Urich Fan, is proud to present his...

  1. He drank that nasty coffee from the Daily Grind.
  2. Someone told him Rob Liefeld is coming back to Marvel.
  3. In shock because J. Jonah Jameson actually gave him a pay increase.
  4. Someone gave him a copy of the Onslaught script
  5. Sympathy pains because MJ's been pregant for three years.
  6. Dying of indigestion because he can't swallow the clone storyline
  7. Because he didn't get to kick Superboy's Ass!
  8. He read "What if Scarlet Spider killed Spider-Man?" (Blech!)
  9. The Clone Degeneration began in his underwear
  10. It's the only way the writers can mask the fact he's regaining his powers!