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Date: Apr 1, 1996
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Bob Kunz, Leader of the Expatriates, is proud to present his...

  1. Skinhead.
  2. Spider-Armour.
  3. Writers with No Social Conscious. [See: Wife Beating]
  4. New Mysterious Villian with an Unknown Origin and a Pointless Name.
  5. Random Deaths of Classic Villians.
  6. Random Mix of Old Costumes to form New Costumes.
  7. Random Sex Changes of Classic Villians.
  8. Books with 'Scarlet' in the Title.
  9. Maximum Crossovers.
  10. Clonage.

And just so you can't say he's a negative sort of fellow, he is doubtless equally proud to present his list of things Spider-Man really does need right now!

  1. Spider-Man #75.
  2. Mary Jane.
  3. Green Goblin as a Baddie!
  4. Triming down of Titles/Mini-Series.
  5. Adjective for "Spider-Man"
  6. Original Blue and Red Undies.
  7. Kurt Busiek on Regular Title.
  8. Final End to the Clone Saga.
  9. Blood Oath from Marvel not to mention Cloning AGAIN once completed!
  10. Peter Parker.