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Date: Apr 18, 2009
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Q. 1 "Where did you learn to drive!"

Right, just because you have a Spider-Mobile doesn't mean you can drive one! When did Peter get his car licence?

 Harry Osborn taught him, back before his drug problems
 He learned while on assignment in Canada
 Gwen taught him before she died
 Whoops - he never had a car licence!

Q. 2 "Now, a word from our sponsor."

Carter and Lombardo were the advertising execs who suggested the car. What was the name of the company which actually manufactured the new non-polluting engine?

 Corona Motors
 General Industries
 Star Corporation
 Industrial Research Corporation

Q. 3 "Oh No! My car leaks!"

In Amazing #141, on its first real run, Spider-Man drives his car off a pier and into the Hudson. Who was the villain responsible for his accident?

 Jonas Harrow
 The Jackal

Q. 4 "Hey! What does this button do?"

Well, let's see. What devices don't come as standard on the factory-model Spider-Mobile?

 Smoke-Screen Nozzles
 Extra-sized Spider-Signal

Q. 5 "In the Yellow Pages, Under "S"."

How do Carter and Lombardo contact Spider-Man in Amazing #126, to ask him to build the Spider-Mobile.

 Ask Peter Parker to get in touch with him, since he takes all those photos of him.
 Put an advertisement in the Bugle.
 Stand on a roof-top and yell at him when he swings past.
 Pay Luke Cage, "Hero for Hire" to track him down.