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Date: Apr 18, 2009
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Q. 1 "I Got the Power!"

Peter Parker is the Amazing Spider-Man. Here's some easy questions to see what you know about the man and the spider.

Where do Peter's amazing powers come from?

 Peter is a Mutant, with genetically enhanced powers.
 Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider at a science exhibition.
 Peter was given super-enhanced strength by an experimental serum.
 Peter was given his powers during an school radiation experiment.

Q. 2 "Little Orphan Peter."

Peter is an orphan. This isn't uncommon among super heros, as it gets rid of a lot of awkward explaining. Peter was raised by his Aunt and Uncle, whose names were what?

 Mary and Bob.
 May and Bob.
 Mary and Ben.
 May and Ben.

Q. 3 "The Spider's Web."

For the first few years of his career (while at High School) Peter lived with his elderly Aunt. His Aunt still lives in the same house when she's not in the Intensive Care Ward.

Whereabouts is the old Parker Homestead?

 New Jersey.

Q. 4 "Bet You Can't do This!"

Which super power does Spider-Man not have.

 A sixth sense which warns him of danger.
 Ability to stick to walls and ceilings.
 Enhanced reactions and speed.
 Uncanny tracking ability through over-developed senses.

Q. 5 "With Great Power."

The single truth which has kept Spider-Man going on countless occasions when Peter was ready to hang up his webs was which motto?

With great power...

 ...comes a weighty responsibility.
 ...comes great responsibility.
 ...must come great understanding.
 ...comes great respect.

Q. 6 "Extra! Extra! Read All About It!"

Peter supported his Aunt and himself through part-time work as a photo journalist. What paper did he work for?

 The Daily Planet.
 The Daily Times.
 The Daily Bugle.
 The Manhattan Daily.

Q. 7 "Dressed In Black"

For a couple of years, Peter was swinging around town in a black and white costume in place of his traditional red and blue. How or where did he get his first ever black and white costume?

 Mary Jane sewed it for him.
 He found it at the crash site of an alien spacecraft in the Arctic.
 He found it on an alien planet.
 Reed Richards (Fantastic Four) cloned it from space microbes.

Q. 8 "Bad Habits."

Peter Parker is married to Mary-Jane Watson-Parker. Recently their lives were going downhill, as Peter got wound up in the Spider Thing rather than the Husband Thing. Things have just improved however, but for a while Mary-Jane was under a lot of stress.

This is a tough question for newbies, but see if you can recall which of the following didn't Mary-Jane do to help cope with it all?

 Take up smoking.
 Become anorexic.
 Have an affair.
 Go out and party all night.

Q. 9 "Sudden Death."

Gwen Stacy and Peter were a couple for several years. She dies in Amazing Spider-Man #121, probably the single most important event in Spider-Man's long history. Peter was deeply in love with Gwen at the time, and things were all the more tragic given that her father died not long before that, in Amazing Spider-Man 90.

Gwen is thrown from the top of a bridge tower by a man in a Goblin costume, but exactly who is responsible for her death?

 Norman Osborn as the Green Goblin.
 Harry Osborn as the Green Goblin.
 Harry's Psychiatrist as the Green Goblin.
 Ned Leeds as the Hob-Goblin.

Q. 10 "The Great American Novel"

Peter Parker published a book of photos he took of Spider-Man over the years. He actually went on tour to promote the book, which was the setting for several of the popular Todd McFarlane pencilled stories.

What was the book called called?

 "The Web of Spider-Man."
 "Snap-Shot of The Spider."
 "The Spider and The Man."