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Q. 1 "The Big Prize"

These questions are mostly to do with the original Jackal appearances. If you have trouble with the old ones, then why not pick up a copy of the "Marvel Milestone Edition" reprint of Amazing #149.

When Spider-Man fights Spider-Man in Amazing 149, who's life is at stake which causes them to battle one-another.

 Their own lives
 The life of Ned Leeds
 The life of Gwen Stacy
 The life of Mary-Jane

Q. 2 "First, Second, Third..."

Have you been paying attention? When Maximum Cloneage finishes we are pretty certain who is who in terms of clones and originals. You should have no problem putting these Spider-Men in chronological order. The answer to this question may change at a later date, of course.

 Ben, Peter, Kaine
 Kaine, Peter, Ben
 Ben, Kaine, Peter
 Peter, Ben, Kaine

Q. 3 "Jackal and his Buddies"

Easy question. Whom of the following does the Jackal not employ in his schemes.


Q. 4 "What is Carrion?"

Who or what was the original Carrion?

 A clone of D. Warren.
 A genetic construct.
 A protoplasmic substance with a reverse imprint of Spider-Man's powers.
 A labatory assistant infected with the Carrion virus.

Q. 5 "Bite The Big One"

How does the Jackal die at the end of Amazing 149?

 Falls from the stadium roof.
 Blown up by his own bomb.
 Killed by the poison on his own claws.
 Crushed by falling rubble.