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Date: Apr 18, 2009
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Q. 1 "Second Best."

When Ash, Thom, and Barry decide to take on a super-hero, Spider-Man is their second choice. Who did they first consider?

 Human Torch

Q. 2 "Means and Opportunity."

Johnny Storm plays Blaze in the choreographed fight in #103. Why?

 He owed Peter a favour.
 He owed Spider-Man a favour.
 He owed Thomas a favour.
 It was his idea. He thought it would be fun.

Q. 3 "Gee, we're so sorry!"

In the fake battle, Thomas is seemingly badly burned. How do Ashley and Barry react after he is injured, and after Captain DeWoolfe tells them to appear in court the next day.

 They laugh, and start planning their next challenge.
 Each claims it was the other's idea.
 They apologise to Spider-Man.
 Barry goes pale, and nearly cries.

Q. 4 "Third Floor, Sporting Goods."

The battle in #123 takes place in a department store. Black Cat faces one of the hired hoods in the Sporting Goods department. What does she use to take him down with?

 A Baseball Bat.
 A Golf Club.
 A Crossbow.
 A Speargun.

Q. 5 "Happily Ever After..."

What happens to Kirk Donaghue at the end of that story.

 Spider-Man beats him to a pulp.
 Black Cat beats him to a pulp.
 The Foreigner beats him to a pulp.
 The Foreigner kills him.