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Date: Apr 24, 2009
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Confused by this week's script? No need to be. It's just generic satire. We're just doing exactly what Ozo says, taking a sneak privileged look behind the panels at the making of the new Spider-Man comic book. We'll get the chance to catch up with the real-life actors who play Peter and MJ in the book, and we'll find out what they're really like in person!

Note only that, but one lucky fan will get the chance to appear in SpiderFun. That's right! Our soon-to-be-announced competition will give one of YOU out there the opportunity to come join us on the set of "Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man". Plus, you'll be given a speaking part in an upcoming SpiderFun strip! You'll meet the cast, and be given the VIP treatment for the whole four panels!

And remember, this is all made possible by "Comics This Week!"... your friends inside the comic industry!