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Date: Apr 24, 2009
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With this, I believe that SpiderFun has descended into total obscurity. I'm quite sure that there are no more than seven readers out there who are likely to find this funny. But let me attempt to explain the twisted half-logic behind this strip. Naturally, it will strangle what remaining humour might be left in the joke, but that's something we'll just have to accept.

Firstly, the woman is Joey Q's secretary. The last few years of Spidey stories have seen a wealth of unfinished plot-lines. Howard Mackie was a shocker for abandoning his plots. Of course, the actual abandoned plot which Quesada decides to reprise here is the F.A.C.A.D.E. "mystery" by Terry Kavanagh, from Web of Spider-Man #113 and following.

The "Zimmerman still has the negatives" is an attempt to explain why Ron Zimmerman was ever allowed to write a Spider-Man story at all. Either he has something nasty on Joey Q, or he donated Stan Lee a kidney, or possibly both. In either case, panel two shows what might happen if Zimmerman was asked to finish the FACADE story. Of course, you'll need to have read the dreadful "Spider-Man: Get Kraven" mini-series by Zimmerman to understand that Zimmerman has a fascination with castration, Kraven, and Jay Leno. Sadly, not all at the same time. Just kidding, I like Jay Leno just the way he is.

Moving on to panel three. Terry Kavanagh's stories were filled with characters in power-armour. That and ninjas/cyborgs and other similar tripe that anybody over the age of twelve normally grows out of. Also, Kavanah is widely blamed/credited with having been the guy who proposed bringing back the Spider-Clone.

Finally, again you'll need to have read "Get Kraven" to recall that the series was cancelled an issue early due to an angry/dissapointed reader response. The last panel of Get Kraven showed the dog (shock/horror) talking to the audience, perhaps in some obscure attempt to add "depth" through incongruity. It didn't work then, and it doesn't work here either.

That's all. I hereby apologise for scripting such a convoluted and self-indulgent gag. We'll try and get back to the Doc Ock "armless" jokes as quickly as we can. I'm sure there's still some good material left in that. Somewhere.