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Date: Oct 1, 2000
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This month's crossword is heavily based around the Live And Let Die story arc featuring Facade. Um, and of course this review was written a long time back when Nathan Chattaway was on the PPP staff.

1 Named, in the company of Bryce. (9)
4 The X-Man on the PPP staff. (4)
6 Crime never. (4)
8 Friend... or...? (3)
9 A ton, perhaps, of trans-Altlantic soldiers. (9)
11 It's a long story, a gas, but mixed up. (4)
12 Three invisible guys.  Quiet, and they make you quiet. (9)

1 Killed by Facade... after a spear? (6)
2 Belonging to a young photographer. (7)
3 French, by name.  Mutant by nature. (4)
5 Ox, Montana, Dan.  What they do. (7)
7 What Facade does to Lance's camera. (6)
10 Go against, in defiant ideas. (4)

And here's the solution: