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Date: Sep 1, 2000
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Here's this month's crossword. Another fairly simple one. Next month, we'll try a cryptic version.

1 How Peter Parker made his first few dollars as Spider-Man. (9)
5 Forewarned is... half of Doctor Octopus. (9)
9 A perfect shape for Doctor Ock's coffin? (9)
12 Where the original Kangaroo came from, and where he ended up. (9)

1 If Spidey tangled up Toad's pedal extremities, he would be... (9)
2 What Peter can't do at the bank, that Spidey always seems to manage. (4)
3 Less than truthful... (4)
4 Spinning saw-blade villain from Spectacular #77. (9)
6 D.K. is a bit of a rotter. (3)
7 Has mixed up, after a fire? (3)
8 If Sandman met Hydroman, there name would be... (3)
10 The X-Men were Xavier's 24th team.  The first were...? (4)
11 Beaten by an odd villain?  A second fight could make you...? (4)

And here's the solution: