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Date: Aug 1, 2000
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Here's this month's crossword. Another fairly simple one. Next month, we'll try a cryptic version.

1 Medical-sounding type.  Not a chiropractor, but he does help straighten Spider-Man's back sometimes. (2,7)
5 The month before Peter's Aunt. (5)
6 Home of Hercules! (6)
7 What Spider-man does to pass the time? (4)
8 Is the Kingpin's son a Pansy?  Not exactly. (4)
10 Sounds like the noise a Turkey makes - but it's really an evil villain. (6)
12 Who is Liz Allen seeing at the moment?  I haven't got the... (5)
13 If Spider-man gets an ingrown tonail - this is what Doctor Venom does! (9)

1 Another medical-sounding name - but it doesn't sound like many of his patients survive their operation. (6,4)
2 How many times can you hit Hulk with a baseball bat in 30 seconds? (4)
3 The kind of garbage Spider-man fights.  Now in 'extra short' supply thanks to his efforts. (5)
4 How Spider-man crosses Manhattan, and distracts his opponents in battle. (5,5)
9 Original home to the Living Pharoh. (5)
11 It might be 'a bit' mixed up, but it's the best thing to use to trap a hero! (4)

And here's the solution: