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Date: Jul 1, 2000
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Here's this month's crossword. This was the first ever crossword I created, reproduced here for your enjoyment.

1 Everybody's favourite wall-crawler. (9)
4 Felicia Hardy goes crazy for this plant! (6)
5 Characters who don't have super powers - or who don't use them for good. (9)
9 Speedball (from New Warriors) tends to do this. (6)
10 JJJ yells this when he gets a scoop on Spidey's latest screw-up! (9)

1 Damien Hellstrom's Daddy. (5)
2 An ending.  Never seems to be permanent in comics. (5)
3 A fruit.  Peter Parker lives in the big one. (5)
6 When Cosmic Spiderman met The Hulk, he put him into this. (5)
7 Add a rocket to this, and you have a skate-boarding vigilante. (5)
8 Spider-Man can't stick to walls when he's wearing these. (5)

And here's the solution: