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Date: Jun 1, 2000
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Here's something new. If it's popular, I'll try and make one each month.

1 Go to war against Hammerhead, and he'll make you some shoes out of this stuff. (6)
3 An exclamation of pain.  A bit like you. (3)
5 An armed robbery.  Also what Spider-Man does to those who commit them. (5-2)
7 He hated it when Spider-Man picked on him. (5)
8 When Spider-Man's at the bottom of a building, he goes this way. (7)
10 Quicksilver does this very well. (3)
11 X-Force babe who needs a sun-tan.  Knock her down for a well known effect. (6)

1 A hardy animal. (3)
2 Mary, Mary, quite contrary. (7)
4 Peter & Ben both did this, when they were down and out. (6)
5 Cosmic, dude! (6)
6 Missile coming!  In on Bud, perhaps? (7)
9 Was that a Goblin Glider, or a Jack'O'Lantern disk? (3)

And here's the solution: