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Date: Mar 8, 2008
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Our very own Sr. Title Coordinator and Staff Reviewer had his very own brush with Spider-Man. Some years ago he dressed up as Spidey (in the black suit) and went out on Halloween. Bob tells us that he had purchased a long-sleeved black Spidey shirt, and then tricked up the rest of the costume by utilizing black sweat pants, a black ski mask (with the mouth stitched close), black wool gloves, black socks, some white medical tape, and curved, mirrored sunglasses which he wore under the mask.

The good-looking female clown was his then girlfriend, and (in spite of his predilection for dressing up as a costumed superhero) actually married him, and is still his wife (nearly 20 years now). Who'da thunk it, eh?

Oh yeah, the "older" fellow in the center photo is Bob's dad.